Maintenance suspension and steering

     Your car’s suspension and steering systems are what keep it driving smoothly – and when they aren’t working properly, you and your passengers are in for a bumpy ride. If you’re hearing noise when you drive over bumps or experiencing other problems like vehicle bouncing or hard turning, it’s likely that a faltering steering and suspension system are to blame.

     At the first sign of trouble, bring your car to White Glove Car Service. Our team of expert mechanics will perform a complete inspection of your car, including assessing its front end, rear end, shocks, struts and more. We have the tools and training to perform suspension repair services for cars of all makes and models.

     Our experts will fix your suspension correctly and get you safely back on the road. You can count us when you are in need of steering, suspension and wheel alignment services.

What we do:

  • Air Springs Replacement
  • Air Suspension Air Compressor Replacement
  • Air Suspension Dryer Assembly Replacement
  • Ball Joint Front Replacement
  • Ball Joint Rear Replacement
  • CV Axle Shaft Assembly Replacement
  • Center (Drag) Link Replacement
  • Control Arm Assembly Replacement
  • Differential (Gear) Oil Replacement
  • Drag Link Replacement
  • Driveshaft Replacement
  • Flex Coupling Steering Damper Replacement
  • Lateral Link Replacement
  • Power Steering Control Valve Replacement
  • Power Steering Fluid Reservoir Replacement
  • Power Steering Fluid Service
  • Power Steering Input Shaft Seal Replacement
  • Power Steering Pressure Hose Replacement
  • Power Steering Pressure Switch Replacement
  • Power Steering Pump Pulley Replacement
  • Power Steering Pump Replacement
  • Power Steering Return Hose Replacement
  • Shock Absorber Replacement
  • Spring Insulators Replacement
  • Stabilizer Bar Bushings Replacement
  • Stabilizer Bar Links Replacement
  • Steering Angle Sensor Replacement
  • Steering Column Actuator Replacement
  • Steering Damper Replacement
  • Steering Gear Adjuster Plug Replacement
  • Steering Rack (Gearbox) Replacement
  • Steering Rack Mounting Bushings Replacement
  • Steering Rack Replacement
  • Steering Stabilizer Stop Replacement
  • Strut Assembly Replacement
  • Suspension Air Bag Replacement
  • Suspension Springs Replacement
  • Suspension Strut Mount Replacement
  • Tie Rod End Replacement
  • Tighten Wheel Lug Nuts
  • Track Bar Replacement
  • Trailing Arm Bushings Replacement
  • Universal Joint (U joint) Replacement
  • Wheel Bearings Replacement
  • Wheel Seal Replacement
  • Wheel Stud Replacement


     Schedule Suspension Repair Service Today

     We’re not only passionate about providing high quality auto repair service; we also work hard to provide you with the best customer service. We know that auto repairs can come up unexpectedly, and are often stressful and interrupt your busy day, which is why our goal is to make your experience at White Glove Car Service as quick and easy as possible.

     Our experts will fix your suspension in no time. Feel free to call us at +1 (437) 800-88-98, or just stop by the shop – our friendly staff is available to help you with any questions or concerns you have about your vehicle.White Glove Car Service

     The customer will be provided a replacement vehicle for the time of repair or maintenance.