Repair and maintenance of the exhaust system

     The exhaust system in your vehicle helps monitor, filter and protect your engine. Ignore any complications having to do with your car’s exhaust system, has lead to many problems for our clients. In fact, ignoring issues when they arise will only turn minor and seemingly preventative maintenance glitches into something much bigger. Your once small problem will easily develop into an expensive and potentially hazardous one later on.

     Hazardous fumes can seep into the cabin of your car through vents which can be dangerous to you and your passengers. Let us take care of your exhaust system’s piping and components to ensure safe driving. It may be simple to fix your muffler problem.

     Without proper monitoring, a faulty exhaust system can affect your vehicle’s gas mileage. You will not only notice increased spending at the gas pump, but you may also fail emission standards for your vehicle.

What we do:

Repair and maintenance of the exhaust system

  • Catalytic Converter Replacement
  • EGR Control Solenoid Replacement
  • EGR Pressure Feedback Sensor Replacement
  • EGR Temperature Sensor Replacement
  • EGR Vacuum Modulator Replacement
  • EVP Position Sensor Replacement
  • EVP Shut Off Solenoid Replacement
  • Evaporation Vent Solenoid Replacement
  • Evaporative Emission Control Canister Replacement
  • Evaporator Temperature Sensor (Switch) Replacement
  • Exhaust Pressure Control Valve Replacement
  • Exhaust Repair

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     If you notice any excess smoke or emissions coming from your muffler, don’t hesitate – bring it to our team as soon as possible! Waiting to fix your muffler could be harmful to your health.

     We’ll get your exhaust system fixed in no time and ready to pass inspection. We look forward to serving you!

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     White Glove Car ServiceThe customer will be provided a replacement vehicle for the time of repair or maintenance.