Clutch and Transmission Repair

     When your clutch or transmission is having issues, getting a professional to diagnose and fix the problem quickly is critical to maintaining the life of your vehicle.

     Transmissions are unique vehicle components that should never be handled by an amateur. There are many professional auto repair shops that will pass on transmission services, because of their complex nature. We have the experts fix transmissions right the first time.

     When it comes to your vehicle’s transmission, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Some automotive shops will feel their way through the transmissions or recommend an unnecessary rebuild or transmission replacement. and although many do-it-yourselfers enjoy performing their own routine maintenance services, transmission repairs are some of the most difficult auto services.

     No matter your car type and no matter your problem, White Glove Car Service has the expertise to get you back on the road in no time. If your vehicle isn’t shifting the way it should, call for an estimate and appointment today!

What we do:

  • Axle Shaft Seal Replacement
  • CV Axle Shaft Assembly Replacement
  • Center Support Bearing Replacement
  • Clutch Cable Adjuster Replacement
  • Clutch Cable Replacement
  • Clutch Fluid Replacement
  • Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement
  • Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement
  • Clutch Switch Replacement
  • Cruise Control Clutch Release Switch Replacement
  • Differential Gasket Replacement
  • Differential Output Seal Replacement
  • Downshift Solenoid Replacement
  • Flexible Clutch Hose Replacement
  • Front Axle Engagement Switch Replacement
  • Kick Down Cable Replacement
  • Pinion Seal Replacement
  • Shift Indicator (Automatic Transmission) Replacement
  • Shift Interlock Solenoid Replacement
  • Shift Selector Cable Replacement
  • Speed Sensor Replacement
  • Speedometer Cable Replacement
  • Transfer Case Fluid Replacement
  • Transfer Case Output Shaft Seal Replacement
  • Transmission Fluid Flush
  • Transmission Fluid Service
  • Transmission Oil Pressure Switch Replacement
  • Transmission Position Sensor (Switch) Replacement
  • Transmission Speed Sensor Replacement


Schedule Your Transmission Repairs With Us!

     If you notice your transmission is malfunctioning, bring your car to us immediately. Transmissions that slip out of gear or fail to accelerate properly can cause accidents. Delaying service or trying to perform transmission repairs on your own is dangerous and may cause more damage. Allow our team of experienced and trustworthy transmission specialists to monitor your vehicle’s transmission and keep you ahead of any repair needs that may occur.

     Just give us a call at +1 (437) 800-88-98 or send us an email and schedule a time that works best for you.

White Glove Car Service     The customer will be provided a replacement vehicle for the time of repair or maintenance.